Cafe Sugar Mama

We made the most wonderful discovery today- Cafe Sugar Mama is a little cafe down by the Main River south of Konstablerwache. It was packed when we walked in around 130 today, but we vied for a seat and had a perfectly charming lunch. The savoury food is interesting and original, but all surprisingly good. There were three homemade daily soups and two salads along with quiche, and sandwiches. The best part was the prices- barely anything is more than 5 euros which is excellent.

We indulged in the desserts, which are not gluten-free, or healthful (try What the Food for that), but were stellar and SO worth the splurge! I had a quiche with leeks, bacon, peppers and onions and Ben had bacon, apple, corn, frischkase, lettuce on excellent bread. I know it sounds weird but trust me it was so good I was shocked. They rotate the desserts, but today I had a chocolate chunk cookie with candied peanuts and white chocolate drizzle on top.

Get thee to Cafe Sugar Mama! I see they also do cocktails and wine- will definitely be back for more.