Capsule Wardrobe Experiment: February-April 2016

I have always owned too many clothes. I never thought of this as a particular problem; I have always been in the habit of constantly accumulating clothing and then periodically purging my closet and trying to start over again. Even when I packed up my life into a backpack and moved to Palestine with 20 or so pieces of clothing, I found myself accumulating as soon as I arrived. When I ended up in Europe and started making money again, it was even worse. A year into my time in Germany, my closet was overflowing and I was taking over more and more drawers in my partner’s and my shared bureau. Ben and I have been talking about how we need more storage and I assumed that was right until I heard an interview with Caroline Rector on The Lively Show and heard about her experiment with a seasonal capsule wardrobe. Recently, I have been trying to go deeper in my life instead of always attempting to be expansive in every way. This idea resonated with my new mindset so beautifully that I sat down to pare down my options to 37 pieces, including some repeats I love within the week.

I have always had clothing in just about every style, but as I looked through my old photos and compared them to my new capsule wardrobe, my style jumped out at me. I always thought I was too eclectic to have a cohesive style, but I was wrong! I have always owned and loved mariniers, button-down shirts, blazers, lots of navy, and pops of colour. I can recall individual items of clothing that I loved so much I can still remember all of their details. A JCrew Navy canvas jacket, a tan circle skirt, a grey cardigan, my skater style dresses I had made in India, and my favourite navy gingham button down. My style was just hiding between the mess of distracting trend pieces I couldn’t stop buying.

I feel so liberated with this wardrobe, everything I put on feels like home and looks like me. I am not grasping for a style I just don’t resonate with and even more interesting for me, I feel like this style is not weight dependant. I often look back at photos of me before my illness, at 19 years old and I think “I can’t wear that anymore”.

It’s wrong. My thought that capsule wardrobes can only work for the skinny, or for women who never change size is wrong.

I put my smaller clothes and my summer pieces in the cellar of our apartment building. I feel so confident knowing that I can go back to those pieces because I KNOW I will change weights. I always have- that’s my body.

I am so excited about this change; I’m looking forward to thinking less about clothes and more about who I am as a person.


Want to try it yourself? Check out Unfancy’s guide here.

The evolution of my style 2007-2016


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