It happened. Again.

I’ve been very, very absent- I know. One of the things you live with when you live with chronic mental illness is the possibility that it could wake up and rear it’s head at any moment. I started this blog as I was trying to avoid whats been going on the last few months but I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t a failure, just part of the rhythm of my life.

I’ve been in therapy for months, I’ve been struggling since October and I can’t pretend I’m doing much better. I gained 20 pounds from the stress and its hard not to feel like a massive failure. Still, I meant for this to be a place where I’m open about these things.  I went to the UK for a week after Christmas and Ben and I are now home for a week off work and in Frankfurt before I get back into the grind. It allows us to explore Frankfurt a little bit and take some us time during our one year anniversary. Also, it’s a perfect time to cook and share some healthful recipes!

I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you in the new year.

Katie K


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