Traditional Hummus

So, I learned the hard way you never leave bone broth unattended. The other week, I figured I could run to the gym while my broth slowly cooked and returned to some (surprisingly friendly) German firemen in my apartment. The result has been an unusable, black tar covered kitchen and lots and lots of takeout.

So, inaugurating the kitchen after Ben cleaned it has been really slow.

After eating out all week I was craving some comfort food, which for me means Levantine classics and the easiest to whip up is hummus!

All you need are chickpeas (soak and boil them yourself or get canned) I use 1-2 cans depending on how much I want.

Tahini, roasted or white. I like roasted but it’s all dependent on what you like. I don’t even measure it out, I just keep adding it ’til it tastes the way I want. Start with a table spoon and go from there.

Ice cold water, just fill a glass and pour it into the food processor.

Olive oil, I put in a couple tablespoons for the texture.

Lemon juice, again start with a tablespoon and add more to taste.

All of this goes into a food processor and I highly recommend you add little bits at a time until it tastes right for you!

When it’s done, I drizzle olive oil over it and sprinkle some Za’atar that I brought from Nablus and I swear I’ve been transported back.

So, maybe try this (non) recipe this week! It’s cheap, it’s easy and you basically can’t get it wrong.

What do you add to your hummus? Tell me in the comments!




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