So, I have to admit that despite my health being the motivator to eat my best I still falter. You would think that with all I know I could just forego sugar especially, but I find myself sometimes “off the wagon” and I have to find a way to get back to strict nutrition. I find myself in that place now, I have had a relapse after weeks of great moods and I can tie it directly to having sugar at work. I have to quit this habit, it clearly is hurting me.

I have many weaknesses as a girl who loves all things food, and those are cheeses, chocolates and wines. I’m sure that there are arguments to be made about not using something edible to motivate you to clean up your eating habits, but I am always going to love those things best. Right now, I am having an amazing time learning about German wines. I have a long list of wines I have never had and cannot wait to try.

I currently have a biodynamic Gewürztraminer (ok, not Germany but Alsace is pretty gewurztraminer-turckheim-2006close) that I am so excited to try. So, I’ve bitten the bullet and instead of opening it this
weekend I am going to set it aside for another week and ONLY if I can stay away from sugar all week, do I get to taste this incredible wine.

So, yeah. I am pretty confident that I can get back on track knowing what lies at the end of next week if I succeed.

Anyone else give themselves these kinds of challenges?


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