I wore:

I’m a nerd and so I keep trying to get away with wearing this Rwandan turban that is so incredibly different than my normal lacrosse-mom style. Fresh starts all around, I guess! High school me would love it which is a good indication that it’s cool because I was pretty fearlessly quirky back then.

Gahaya Links Sun Catcher Turban Headband

Gahaya Links Sun Catcher Turban Headband 

This headband is really cool and I highly encourage you to seek out products made by the same group.

It’s made by a Rwandan cooperative calledGahaya Links,  a USAID supported project that works with women to keep ancient weaving traditions alive while selling the products to the US and Europe and allowing the weavers to achieve economic independence.

This headband is sold out as far as I can tell but you can find some of their other products atAnthopologie.

I thought:

I had my Arabic final yesterday so I’m currently thinking about how on earth I’m going to keep up with my practice for a month until I get to Nablus. I’m also thinking about the fact that I really cannot know whether it will be safe to go until very shortly before I leave. At that point I’m afraid I’ll be stuck buying a last minute and therefore much less affordable flight to Tunisia, Morocco or somewhere.
I feel like I’m on the verge of the only life I have ever wanted to live. I recently met (re-met actually, its a weird story) someone who exemplifies that life, someone who’s been floating around the planet for a year, writing, exploring, working and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I need to be reminded that I’m not alone; that there are people who feel more at home with their feet firmly planted on alien soil than anywhere on earth.
Maybe I’m romanticizing my own feelings and the friends I have that understand them… I just want to spend my life in perpetual motion and that can be so hard to explain or find in another human.
In college I thought I might never find anyone like me in the US, thankfully two of my dearest girlfriends here in DC have proved me wrong.
So- here’s to finding many more of my kind of humans as I trip about this wonderful planet.
I saw:
So. Many. Palestinian. Movies.
Seriously, I’ve been binging in the hope that it will help me with the dialect and in the process I’ve fallen in love with a bunch of films, and one very handsome actor.
First things first: The Time That Remains. 
An absolute tour de force of gorgeous aesthetics, heartbreaking subplots, The Time That Remains recounts the tragic personal history of a Palestinian family living in Haifa from 1948 until the 90’s.
The film explores the pain and confusion of being a Palestinian Israeli. It is so much more subtle than films about life under occupation in Gaza or the West Bank. The Time That Remains zeros in on the  stories rarely told in the narrative of Palestinian struggle and does not actively seek to create a villain out of the state of Israel. The lead is played by Saleh Bakri, a Palestinian Israeli himself who had success in Israeli film and television before denouncing his citizenship and committing to Palestinian film and activism.
Also- just look at him and tell me you don’t want to see every film he’s ever been in.
Smouldering much?

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